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Four men drinking Bärnstein.


 Achieve everything - with Bärnstein. 

An illustration of bottle of Bärnstein quince.
An illustration of bottle of Bärnstein Cornel.

 The first 


 from Austria 

Bärnstein is a soft drink based on green coffee and fine local ingredients from the startup in St. Pölten, Austria. 

 #motivation with Bärnstein 

Based on caffeine of green coffee Bärnstein gives you the power you need every day.

And it is all natural: green coffee and the best Austrian ingredients results in a new unique taste experience that is unparalleled.

Die Gründer von Bärnstein sitzen auf einer Vespa.

 #Startup from Austria 

Hi, we are Lukas and Martin.

Due to our own passion and love for enjoyable and healthy drinking, we create our caffeinated soft drinks. Since 2015.

The bear loves awards.

Fortunately we do, too.

Bärnstein: Accompanies you best at parties and perfect when mixed with spirits.

We are very proud of what we were able to achieve so far...remember, we're still a young startup.

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