Cocktail with Bärnstein: BÄRNSTEIN MOJITO

Aktualisiert: 11. Dez 2017

The Mojito is a real treat with Bärnstein Cornel, but also really fine with Bärnstein Quince! Just try both and find out what tastes best for you.


3 little spoons of brown sugar (cane sugar)

1 lime

6 cl white rum - Havana Club Anejo 3 Anos

dash soda

10 cl Bärnstein Cornel or Bärnstein Quince

a handful of mint leaves

large cocktail glass

Ice cubes or crashed ice

Prepare with great pleasure,

best for couples or with friends.

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4 cl American or Irish Whiskey 1 bottle of Bärnstein Quince some rosemary Perfect for the evening, preparing with a lot of joy.