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Lecture series at "The Next Generation": About the foundation of Bärnstein.

We were invited to the event "The Next Generation" to tell about what can be done in Lower Austria ... for example thinking of the Werkzeugkasten+. This is to support young people in bureaucratic jungles. >> www.werkzeugkastenplus.at

Many thanks to Landrat Karl Wilfing, Stefanie Winkler-Schloffer from the Campaigning Summit, Martin Trümmel and Johannes Schröer from the Jugendinfo NÖ, probably the best band in the country: Florian Nentwich & Paul Hondl, Karoline Zobernig for the powerful presentation and the excellent organizing team Maria, Wolfgang and Bettina.

The best pictures are from Philipp Monihart www.charakter.photos - the professional among the pros!

Pictures Copyright: Philipp Monihart


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