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New Bärnstein Quince: Summergreen quince meets enliving green coffee.

During the creation and development of our new caffeine-containing refreshment drink Bärnstein Quince put emphasis on the interlude of adventure and familiarity. As with Bärnstein Cornel, the green coffee, which is the main ingredients, complement the fresh and fruity fresh quince and the aromatic apple. The result is fine, we think.

The quince is a rather rare Austrian original, which has long been forgotten. With Bärnstein Quince, we would like to develop a natural mover that reflects our philosophy and our values: a characteristic refreshing drink, where the inside is actually what is on the label. The green fairtrade and organic coffee from Peru invigorates while drinking and provides energy for day and night. It is healthy and contains all the positive qualities of coffee. In taste, it reminds something of green tea. Have you already tasted it?

You can buy Bärnstein Quince here: > MyProduct

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4 cl American or Irish Whiskey 1 bottle of Bärnstein Quince some rosemary Perfect for the evening, preparing with a lot of joy.


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