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93 points at the Falstaff-tasting in the category "innovative soft drinks"

"In Austria, there are some very promising startups that have created delicious drinks that meet some additional features, not only to quench their thirst, to be healthy, to be a component of cocktails, or to help with physical ailments after night-long nights." the Falstaff authors Bernhard Degen and Erhard Ruthner. The team of the "lifestyle publishing house for demanding connoisseurs" (Lifestyle-Verlag für anspruchsvolle Genießer) has tasted the offer and evaluated according to aroma, flavor and mixability. With 93 points, we took second place at the Falstaff test.

The score is high, the joy is great. We are enthusiastic about the result of the Falstaff tasting and are very happy with our Bärnstein.


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