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Bärnstein is the best business idea in Lower Austria in 2015

The best Lower Austrian business idea of ​​the year was found within the competition "120 seconds". The jury found what they were looking for - and we were (and still are) very proud.

Bärnstein was invented in 2015 - out of a spark of inspiration and ambition. It was always clear to us that we wanted to compete with other ideas - convinced by our refreshment drink. Our goal was to participate for the first time in a contest: "120 seconds" of the Bezirksblätter Niederösterreich together with the partners of Lower Austria (RIZ, ecoplus, NÖBEG), the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce (Wirtschaftskammer NÖ) and HYPO NOE.

Already before the grand finale, the team toured throughout Lower Austria and listened to 117 ideas in 5 Castings. Everyone was allowed to present themselves for 120 seconds - in front of a professional jury of representatives of the cooperation partners. The rules: No technical tools - what counts is the idea. And, of course, the ability to get them to the point in 120 seconds. We were there with Bärnstein and went for days on a perfect presentation of our caffeine-containing refreshment drink. We wanted to become the Lower Austrian business idea of ​​the year.

The Panoramasaal of HYPO NOE was filled to the last place, when we were together with the 12 best of more than 100 ideas of the country in front of the expert jury (Mag. Franz Walch von NÖBEG, Petra Patzelt from RIZ Gründeragentur, Mag. Dieter Bader and Dr. Raimund Mitterbauer from WKNÖ, Philipp Weber from HYPO NOE as well as Druckhaus Schiner CEO Jörn Henrik Stein and Sonnentor founder Johannes Gutmann). The joy was great, when it was clear that our business idea was awarded. We are incredibly proud - and we are delighted if we can inspire with our caffeine-containing refreshment drink - a natural mover!


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