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Nomination for the brand of the year 2016 of Austrian's national state prize

Great success for us, the start up Bärnstein. Yesterday, we were honored as one of Austria's top three brands in 2016 as part of the event "Staatspreis Patent" in Vienna's Sofiensäle. As Austria's drink brand, we made it into the final of the highest distinction of the Republic in this area. Infrastructure Minister Jörg Leichtfried, together with the President of the Patent Office, Mariana Karepova, awarded the extraordinary and innovative achievements.

We are more than happy and very pleased with the high recognition of our work. We are still a very young company, working intensively on our success since June 2015. The state prize therefore has a special significance for us and shows that we are on the right path with our work and philosophy.

The decisions were made by a top-class jury of renowned experts from the fields of business, art and trade-mark law, such as WU Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, the Vice-President of the Academy of Fine Arts Anna B. Braidt and the entrepreneur and designer Maximilian J. Riedel.

With Bärnstein we created a new refreshing drink with the essence of the green coffee. A healthy pick-me-up that invigorates while drinking and provides energy for day and night.


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