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Only the best of all quinces in Bärnstein.

Summer green quince, (almost) forgotten wonderful fruit of happiness. And rich in vitamins.

Quince sauce and quince-bread might be familiar recipes for our grandparents. For us, these dishes are rather unknown. Although the quince is slowly becoming known again, it has long been regarded as a forgotten fruit. We want to help make the quince more popular again, because we love the flavor and uniqe taste of the quince.

The sun-loving fruit seems unimpressive when it's raw. The shell is quite hard and does not seduce to the cooking of the quince or simply to reimburse. And yet: hard shell, soft aromatic core ... A second look and the cooking / steaming / baking of the quince is really worthwhile: in preserving jars, as chutney, juice or jam the fruit is really good and juicy, but above all its taste varies - some rose, some lemon, some apple.

At first glance, the quince is very similar to the pear and the apple, but you just can't confuse those: the quince wears a bitter white-gray fuzz - distinctive and simply unmistakable in hands.

What fascinated us in researching quince: The golden yellow Quince has always been a symbol of love, happiness, wisdom, beauty and immortality. We find these values ​​wonderful - that is why we like Bärnstein Quince so much. We do not only like the importance of the quince - we especially like their summergreen cheerful color and the culinary and health dimension: it offers a lot of healthy vitamins. Aromatically the quince is something very special - and her flavour! It smells quite intensely and pleasantly. Can you recognize the quince flavour in Bärnstein?


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