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Only the fairest of all cornel cherries in Bärnstein.

The cornel cherry, our "Dirndl" for Bärnstein. A charming wild fruit. Gives vitamins and energy.

As an aromatic liquor, red jam, as dessert or as a juice, cornel cherries from the Lower Austrian gardens are special fruits. The rosewood is also called Dirndling, Dirndlstrauch or Gelber Hartriegel.

At the time of the harvest in autumn, the cornelian cherries from a distance brightly and reddishly from the shrub. After a bite in the rather sour fruit, however, we are again relatively quickly sobered and remember the true values ​​of the Dirndl: processed the Dirndl dishes, drinks or desserts a truly fruity-acidic note and thus shows their full potential. But not only that: The Dirndl is considered a true energy donor and vitamin supplier and keeps young and fit.

Our Dirndl is related to the Asian and Chinese cornelian cherry is used. The special taste in our Bärnstein is only given by the European cornel cherry. The tree you can see is often multi-stalked shrub with emerging branches. The leaves are elongated and pointed. The cherry blooms wonderfully yellow and is pure aesthetics of nature in spring - February and April. Really aromatic should be dried cornel cherries - a perfect side dish to Bärnstein? We have not yet tried, but we suppose! If this is so, we will let you know ...

By the way, not only we Bärnstein lovers like the cornel cherry really much: honeybees, wild bees, butterflies and birds are also looking forward to the cherry shrubs in nature - cornel cherries are true beef plants. For those who prefer gardening naturally and take care of the native insect habitat, the cornel cherry is thus a perfect plant for the own garden (also very easy to care for). Another reason why we find this fruit so great - ecologically valuable and ingenious in sour taste. We still prefer the cornel cherry in our Bärnstein.


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