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The story of a green coffee bean, which became Bärnstein.

For a long time, the green coffee was regarded as rather unknown. Many love coffee in its roasted form and devour up to 10 cups per day. We prefer the coffee in its original, untreated form - and most preferably in the bottle of Bärnstein.

How did the coffee come to Bärnstein? How did Bärnstein come to coffee?

After graduating from high school, Lukas took a trip to Bahrain, where he worked for a while in a hotel and experienced many new things. During this time, he also encountered the coffee in its original form - this has decisively influenced his previous career, and especially Bärnstein. The discovery of green raw coffee was, so to speak, the original idea of ​​Bärnstein, but in Bahrain Lukas did not yet know which ideas he and Martin would soon grab. At home, soon afterwards, the experiment was tested with the selected ingredients, until today's ingenious recipe was jointly developed and finalized by the two.

In any case, the green coffee in Bärnstein is carefully selected: arabica coffee in organic quality and fair trade from the highlands of Peru and bought from Alt Wien Kaffee. The raw coffee is combined with natural Austrian ingredients. This is also the special thing about Bärnstein, we think. Local intimacy meets remote adventure. In every Bärnstein hides a piece of experience - can you feel it?


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